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ClockWork Barbers is a traditional, high-quality barbering experience for men of all age. Set in the heart of Norwich. Appointments available just go to clockworkbarbers.nearcut.com

- About us -


Frazer started barbering from a young age of 14, coming from a barbering background going back 3 generations to the 1960s starting from his family in Italy.  He started his apprenticeship at his family’s barbershop and remained part of the team for 16 years before becoming the proud owner of Clockwork Barbers.  Opening his own barbers Frazer and his selected team work towards exceeding themselves with the latest styles and trends, and inviting hospitality


Aidan’s passion for barbering struck in his early teens when he used to watch barber tutorials at every chance he could get even before picking up a clipper or a comb. As the interest grew over a few years, he knew he had to pursue a career in the industry once he left school and went on to gain Level 2 and 3 Barbering qualifications at a distinction level. Barbering is not just a job for Aidan but more like a lifestyle and every day he looks for ways to improve himself to give the best service possible. Aidan enjoys playing snooker and tennis, going to the cinema and eating out in his spare time. He is also bilingual speaking Spanish and English! Aidan will take care of all your hair cutting needs, from fades to long scissor cuts, tailoring each cut to suit each  client to make them look their very best.


Tyler, started cutting hair around 5 years ago as a hobby a few years went by and he decided to take the first step into his career as a barber. Tyler started with no qualifications and just wanted to throw himself into a learn on the job experience. This started by a very generous owner of a barber shop who he later went on to discover he had an Italian family connection too. Invited him to work on a voluntary basis 1 day per week learning. Starting from the bottom and working his way up a few years went on Tyler soon realised he had found his passion and progressed quickly onto gaining his diploma in barbering. Shortly after that he went on to start his career journey at clockwork barbers where he came to learn the owner was the son of the man who originally gave Tyler his first opportunity at becoming a barber. 

In this time Tyler has built a loyal clientele, he is multi talented and always provides exceptional customer service to every client. He is always improving and learning, Tyler enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters, and taking time out for himself to enjoy graphic designing.


Beth After finishing A levels, beth then went on to apply for a course at the City collage for barbering beth has always wanted to pursue a career in mens hair, she has a fine attention to detail and specialises in beards and cutthroat shaving. Beth's first experience in a barber shop is here at clockwork barbers, she is a talented people's person who always strives to better her skills.


Jamie's barbering passion started from a young age, he originally started his first barbering apprenticeship at the same shop as our founder Frazer. He became a senior barber here for a while. When Frazer opened Clockwork barbers in 2015 Jamie was his first original team member to move over to this shop. After a a few years Jamie put his barbering passion on hold to go travelling to Japan (Hokkaido) during his time in Japan, Jamie worked in a few different places but nothing compared to the feeling he has when barbering. He decided Clockworks was the place he needed to be. He is excited to progress in his barbering career here at Clockwork barbers again.
Jamie also enjoys spending time with his family, he is interested in countries and different cultures. He is a faithful Christian, loves a walk by the seaside. And is a light gamer who is interested in football.

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