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ClockWork Barbers is a traditional, high-quality barbering experience for men of all age. Set in the heart of Norwich. Appointments available just go to clockworkbarbers.nearcut.com

- About us -


Frazer started barbering from a young age of 14, coming from a barbering background going back 3 generations to the 1960s starting from his family in Italy.  He started his apprenticeship at his family’s barbershop and remained part of the team for 16 years before becoming the proud owner of Clockwork Barbers.  Opening his own barbers Frazer and his selected team work towards exceeding themselves with the latest styles and trends, and inviting hospitality


Aidan’s passion for barbering struck in his early teens when he used to watch tutorials at every chance he could get even before picking up a clipper or a comb. As the interest grew over a few years, he knew he had to study the craft. Every day he pushes himself to progress. Aidan loves to diverse in conversation even when it is in Spanish. He also has a love for skateboarding, playing the guitar and doesn’t mind a cheeky game of pool.


Matt’s love for barbering started when he was 14 watching endless YouTube videos. Getting scissor happy on younger brothers and mates. He then got a placement in a barbershop at 15 for work experience. Never looked back. Fully qualified. Did his apprenticeship at Anglian Hair Academy. Handy with the clippers. Specialises in skin fades. 21 years old. Passion for music Football and travel, Barber by name barber by nature.


At 26 years old Tom is coming up to his sixth year as a professional barber in the industry. Fully qualifying in London at the London School of Barbering he has now gained a vast knowledge in every aspect of his career.From all types of techniques including both long and short hair all the way to complete restyles,Tom strives for quality in every client that sits in his chair.With a huge understanding and upkeep in the latest equipment, styles and techniques Tom heavily focuses on customer care by making sure both client and barber are content and comfortable with the services he provides


ClockWorkBarbers, Norwich

12 st.gregory"s alley




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